A Complete Learning System

  • Over 30 Video Lessons

    With over 30 video lessons our course will walk you through all the steps you need to learn to get started on your hempcrete project. From assessing hemp, mixing to installation.

  • 20 PDF downloads

    Our PDF downloads support each learning module and offers you a resource you can reference as your start your own hempcrete building project.

  • Live on-line Sessions

    Two live online Q&A sessions will ensure that all your questions get answered and give you the opportunity to connect with your instructor & classmates.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Module 1. Introduction to Building with Hempcrete Online

    • How to use this online platform

    • Terms & Disclaimer

    • Introduction

    • Related Reading - Introduction

    • Essential Hempcrete Construction Book Download

  • 2

    Module 2: What Is Hempcrete

    • What is Hempcrete?

    • Related Reading - What is Hempcrete

  • 3

    Module 3: Performance Properties of Hempcrete

    • A. Properties Overview

    • B. Moisture Handling

    • C. Properties Thermal

    • D. Structural

    • E. Environmental

    • F. Fire

    • G. Recap

    • Related Reading - Performance Properties

  • 4

    Module 4: The Material Specifications of Hempcrete

    • A. Hemp Hurd

    • B. Lime Binder

    • C. Portland Cement

    • D. Where to Source Materials

    • E. Appropriate Usage (video not confirmed complete)

    • Related Reading - Material Specifications

    • Related Reading - Appropriate Uses

  • 5

    Module 5: Technical Calculations for Hempcrete, and Mixing Ratios

    • A. Mixing Ratios

    • B. Pozzolanic Lime Binder

    • C. Calculating Materials

    • Related Reading - Technical Calculations

    • Quantity & Pricing Calculator

  • 6

    Week #2 Live Q&A Session

    • Zoom Q&A Session

  • 7

    Module 6 - How To: Necessary tools, Best Practice Wall Framing Requirements, and set up

    • A. Tools You Will Need

    • B. Wall Framing

    • C. Wall Framing - Windows and Wiring

    • D. Form Preparation

    • Related Readings - Tool List

    • Related Readings - Wall and Roof Framing Options

  • 8

    Module 7 - How To: Mixing Hempcrete

    • F. Mixing Station Safety

    • E. Mixing Station

    • G. How To Mix Hempcrete

    • Related Readings - Mixing Hempcrete

  • 9

    Module 8 - How To: Installing Hempcrete

    • A. Formwork

    • B. Placing Hempcrete

    • C. Moving the Forms

    • D. Top of Wall Placement Detail

    • E. Comparing the Walls

    • F. Reuse of Scraps

    • G. Window Sills and Holes

    • Related Reading - How to Place Hempcrete

  • 10

    Module 9: Applying Finishes and Conclusion

    • A. Drying Requirements

    • B. Air Sealing

    • C. Enclosure Details and Finishes

    • D. The Future of Hempcrete

    • E. Closing

    • Related Reading - Applying Finishes

    • Plaster Recipes for Hempcrete

    • Related Reading - Future of Hempcrete

    • Related Reading - Conclusion

  • 11

    Extra Resources

    • Additional Resources & Sourcing Information

    • Code Documentation

    • A. Code Documentation : Alternative Solution Example Application

    • B. Code Documentation: Thermal

    • C. Code Documentation: Structural

    • D. Code Documentation: Moisture & Hygrothermal

    • E. Code Documentation: Fire

    • F. Code Documentation: Acoustic

    • G. Code Documentation: Carbon Footprint

  • 12

    Week #4 Live Q&A Session

    • Zoom Q&A Session

Extra Bonus Material

We want to make sure you have all the tools for a successful project!

  • Essential Hempcrete Constrction e-Book

    Each participant will receive a free copy of Essential Hempcrete Construction from New Society Publishers. This e-book is an in-depth resource to complement your online learning.

  • Hempcrete Calculator

    Included is our easy-to-use material estimator. Just plug in your building dimensions and materials costs and let our calculator do the work for you. We have even thrown in a fun section that will show you how much carbon you stored in your building by choosing hempcrete!

  • Student Forum

    We believe people learn better when they have access to a community. Our community forums will be class-specific and allow you to chat with your classmates and instructors.

Course Length & Format

This course is a combination of self-paced learning with 2 live in-person sessions. You will have 2 weeks from the start date to complete the self-paced learning content in Modules 1-5 before attending the first live e-learning Q&A session. You will then have another 2 weeks to complete the self-paced content in modules 6-9 before joining the final live e-learning Q&A session. 

Don't fret if you can't start on the exact start date, know that you have 2 weeks to complete modules 1-5 before our first live Q&A session!  

We believe this hybrid delivery makes for the best learning outcomes.


At the end of the 4-week course, you will be invited to join our private Hempcrete Masterclass graduate group on Facebook where you can continue connecting & sharing with other hempcrete enthusiasts.  

Your Instructor For This Course

Chris Magwood

Chris Magwood is obsessed with making the best, most energy efficient, beautiful and inspiring buildings possible – without wrecking the whole darn planet in the process. Chris is a founder of The Endeavour Centre and teaches in the Sustainable Building & Design program, Natural Building Intensive and many workshops where he enjoys sharing what he’s learned over his 25-year building career and inspiring others to take this stuff seriously and do it well.

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